Flower Essences of the Amazon - Courses

Element Therapy: Flower Essences of the Amazon - Introductory Course

Júlia Freire de Medeiros

November 26th-28th and December 3rd-5th 


Flower Essences from the Amazonian Rainforest are profound; both subtle and strong. They make an important contribution to balancing the individual and the planet.

These essences have the gift of connecting us to a very deep mystery and healing from the remote and ancient forests, some of which are still virgin in many areas. That mystery can bring a deep healing for many by mirroring our own pure and particular essence and helping us connect on the most primal levels with earth from which many of us human beings have lost contact.

These medicines come to us in a form of nutrition and therapy for the soul, representing a pathway of self-knowledge, alignment, and balance in our daily lives.




Floral Journey to Self-Knowledge


In this course, we focus on the concept of Element Therapy: the study of the original attributes of the four planetary elements - fire, air, water and earth, and the interaction dynamics of these attributes as they are manifested in flowers.


We focus on the phenomenon of mirroring Nature as a reference for health and self-knowledge. Based on this, the human being will discover their own elemental nature, the unique specificity with which one finds themselves internally ordered, and come to know what we call our "Elemental Body".


This is the mystery that, on one hand, unites us to all creation, and on the other hand, differentiates each person as a distinctively unique individual.

Amazon Flower Essence System


The Amazonian Flower Essence System has several classifications, all of which originated in the decoding of messages received from elements of nature. These lessons are oriented towards studying existing affinities between the nature of flowers and the human world, focusing on health standards rather than the study of imbalances (symptoms, diseases).


Pre-Requisite: You must have completed the introductory course, "The Classification within the Order of Nature", which presents three major groups related to the positioning of plants in nature: Virgin Forest, Capoeira (rejuvenated forest) and Cultivated Plants, to participate in this "Element Therapy" course.





This Way to Health


The detailed study of each of the four planetary elements and their interrelationship in the therapeutic process is developed in the following topics:

-Introduction to Elemental Therapy

-Predominance and interrelationship of the four elements (water, fire, air, earth) in the flower essences.

-Therapeutic action of the elemental composition of flower essences in harmonizing the human elemental field.


*Course includes four (4) Amazonian flower essences that will be shipped to your location as part of your study.


A Certificate of Completion** is given for each course taken to those who attend the full course load.

**Please Note: This is different from Therapist or teacher Certification, which is granted upon completion of the entire training program and certification process.



Júlia Freire de Medeiros was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in the Brazilian Amazon where she lived most of her life. During her childhood, she lived directly with the research and development of the Amazon Flower Essence System. She was a pioneer student at the NGO: CMF (Centro Medicina da Floresta), a community institution dedicated to the research of traditional knowledge of Amazonian plants and their application in the cultivation of health. This cultural root gave her an innate knowledge and unique understanding of the therapeutic approach of this system.

She studied and worked next to her mother – Maria Alice Campos Freire, co-creater of the Amaflor system. Together they developed a new stage of research of the Amazon Flower Essence System in the Juruá River Valley, in the state of Acre, with the participation of several members of original populations of the region. Júlia was responsible for systematizing the research, which was published in the book “Iapuna – Language of People, Language of Flower”.                                          

Júlia is an accredited teacher of the Amazon Flower Essences System – Amaflor and Iapuna. Currently, she is also the communications coordinator for the Instituto Floresta Mãe, the organization responsible for the preservation, development and dissemination of knowledge related to the Flower Essences of the Amazon.

In the field of health and human development, she went through several trainings, including Iyengar Yoga, CranioSacral Therapy and Body Talk. In addition to managing these projects, she works with integrative therapies.

Júlia has a degree in Environmental Management from the Federal University of Brasília-UNB and conducted socio-environmental projects in the Amazon. Today she works in the area of health and therapy, exploring the environmental and human health interface.


Transmitting Sacred Knowledge


This is a rare and unprecedented opportunity to take the Amazonian Flower Essences course online. Historically, this course is only offered in-person. In order to respect the transmission of this sacred knowledge, group size is limited to 30 students and all classes will only be available LIVE.

Please make sure you can attend these sessions live as there will be no recordings available, and recording these classes is strictly prohibited.



Amazon Flower Essences Introductory Course

Includes Live Access to the Amazon Flower Essences Introductory Course and four (4) Flower Essences to study with during the course. Essences are intuitively selected by the Course Facilitator on your behalf and mailed to your location. Free shipping is included inside the US, students outside the US will receive a request for additional shipping charges.

 $246 (tax included)



"Julia is a gifted teacher and healer; her humility and passion for the Florais of the Amazon moved me deeply as she eloquently introduced us to the gifts of the forest during this incredible opportunity to study with her and students around the world online through Menla. Julia teaches with her whole self through her heart, a deep wisdom and knowledge gained throughout a lifetime of gnostic experiences. I felt the spirit of the Florais enveloping and enlivening me as Julia’s vivid teachings blossomed, transporting me deeper into the forest. 

The vibration of the forest was present through Julia’s beautiful stories, descriptions and experiences, the tone and words spoken, the gratitude and love she has, and the precious photos she shared visually. I became a child in the eternal garden, filled with wonder, awe and curiosity. These remarkable ‘beings’ share themselves so honestly, completely and selflessly with each other, the animals and all humanity and we need them. We need their love, medicine, healings, wisdom, teachings and presence on this planet. I am the forest and the forest is me. I am very excited to dive deeper into our second introductory course, Element Therapy at Menla with Julia."

 -Karen Young


"I really felt the forest come alive in me with each essence we discussed. It's easy to forget our connection to the forces of nature when we are caught up with the rush of modern life. Considering and identifying our own elemental qualities in this course helps me stay more present with the earth and nature because I see them reflected within me and expressing through me. I especially love how we took the flowers during the course and explored together how they were working with our dreams and emotions and consciousness. It was very special to encounter the profound beauty of this medicine with you and the group. Thank you so much!"

— Jen Aliz Lokajickova, manual therapist, Medicine of the Feminine


"I have had the pleasure of doing several Amazon Flower Essence courses with Júlia. Through growing up deep in the Amazon rainforest, Júlia has developed an intimate connection with nature and an expansive knowledge of the healing potential of the jungle flora. She is able to convey her wisdom and experience with an eloquence and grace that opens hearts and minds, initiating a profound healing journey."

— Joseph Sulla, LMFT, CSAC